Monday, 19 October 2009

So many orders, such little time!

Well it has been another busy week in the MLB kitchen! We've had christenings, birthdays and 'I Love You' orders.

The Christening cupcakes were a joint celebration for William, Joseph & Maeve. They went for a mix of pink, blue and cream topped with either a blossom flower or delicate butterfly. I've been told they were the talk of the christening, which is always nice to hear!

Then we had Elliot's 8th birthday and being a Spurs fan, what other cupcakes could he have but Tottenham Hotspur ones! We hope you had a wonderful birthday Elliot.

Lastly Lee decided to let Jane know how much he loved her - what a good boyfriend! So Jane was the lucky recipient of 12 vanilla cupcakes with pink icing and generously topped with lovehearts

You can see photos of all these orders to the right of the blog.

MLB xx

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