Saturday, 27 March 2010

Girls Weekend Away

Michelle & her friends were spending a weekend in the Norfolk Broads to celebrate a birthday. But they weren't doing the usual hotel & bar crawl thing. They were spending their time on a barge boat!

Not sure the combination of alcohol & boat driving is a good one but sounds like it will be tons of fun! And why not throw some of our lovely cupcakes into the mix for good measure. Michelle asked for bright pink icing and black toppers & cases. We think it's a striking combination and perfect for a girly weekend away.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend ladies & let's hope the boat is still in tact!

MLB xx


  1. Hi MLB,

    The cupcakes went down a treat. I got them for my friend Ashleigh for her birthday on the Broads. After a lot of drinking and feeling slightly worse for wear then went down well with a good old cuppa.

    Thanks MLB, i will be getting some more soon.

    Michelle xxx

  2. Hello!
    I was on the boat with Michelle, Ashleigh and the other 8 girls and we had a brilliant weekend. The cupcakes were fab,infact I hid mine in my room so I didn't loose it,lol
    They looked and tasted great! Thanku :o)
    Kiri x x x

  3. Thank you for the wonderful comments ladies! Glad to hear the cupcakes were a hit and that you all survived the weekend :o) x