Tuesday, 11 May 2010

FREE Cupcakes!

That's right, here at Molly's Little Bakery we like to reward our loyal customers and every now and then we decide to give away our cupcakes absolutely free of charge!
This week's lucky recipient was Westview Playgroup based in Swanley. Sam has been off since December after damaging her back and requiring an operation, her colleagues at Westview have covered Sam's shifts without moaning or a cross word. So Sam wanted to thank them all with some of our cupcakes.
Luckily Sam is a member of our Facebook group so she was able to get in touch with us straight away and let us know why her colleagues deserved them! We also jumped at the chance to use our brand new tip, which allows us to create this beautiful Rose effect.
Another batch are due out next week for AIM Agents in London, photos of those coming soon.
MLB xx

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