Saturday, 21 August 2010

And they say August is a quiet month...

Well it hasn't been for Molly's Little Bakery! Orders galore from all kinds of lovely people & here are some photos for you to enjoy!

60th Wedding Anniversary cupcakes for Candice's grandparents - what an achievement, congratulations to you both!

21st birthday cupcakes for Hayley

'99 cupcakes for Donna

Army style cupcakes for a returning soilder - I'm told the wording is a private joke!

Birthday cupcakes for Alexis
And we even managed to squeeze in a wedding! We haven't had the official photos through yet but we were sent this snap by one of the guests and we've added a close up of one of the 3 designs that were chosen.

Many congratulations to Jon & Olivia, we wish you lots of happiness for the future as man & wife!
Remember if you want to place an order then email or phone us on 07905 848 080.

MLB xx

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